Miss Mundo Latina USA is an international beauty competition held annually in Orlando, Florida. The competitions first edition was held in 2005 in the Dominican Republic until 2007, when the organization decided to relocate headquarters to the City Beautiful, Orlando Florida. The pageant is held in Spanish, and a translation is provided, as well. Miss Mundo Latina is a multi-bilingual organization in which the Spanish language is used throughout the pageant.

The Miss Mundo Latina Organization produces the internationally recognized MISS MUNDO LATINA USA, MISS TEEN MUNDO LATINA. MISS MUNDO LATINA TURISMO, and MRS. MUNDO LATINA USA competitions. The MISS MUNDO LATINA and MISS TEEN USA competitions became an annual event in 2005. In 2005, the 1st annual search for Miss MUNDO Latina was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since then, the pageant has been held, every year without interruption with the participation of contestants from all over the world representing their native Hispanic country.