Angelica Ospina


-I am Angelica Salamanca I was born in Bogota capital of Colombia day 18 of November of 2004 I was
raised by my mom and my grandma in 2015 we decided to go and live in Orlando Florida .
-Miss Mundo Latina USA
– I attend Bridgewater middle school located in Winter Garden, Florida and am going into the 7th grade.
-On May 9th 2017, I was given the spirit of excellence award in palm lake elementary school and I have
received many medals from running, I love running, its basically my favorite sport, but I like all kind of sports.
-My goals are to become a super model and a great pediatrician, at the same time I want to be an
athlete too, I would love to be able to speak at least five languages and this year I am going to learn
French so “excited about that”
– My values are Dependability, Reliability, Commitment, Open-minded, Innovation, Creativity, Good
humor, Compassion, Spirit of adventure, Motivation, Passion, Respect, Fitness, Education, Perseverance
and patriotism.
– I live with my mother and my stepfather who is like a real father to me because he takes care of me and
protects me he is one of the reason that made participate on miss Mundo Latina USA. “he came into my
life when I needed him most. He stepped up and became the man I needed him to be. He is the dad I
choose, and I am so grateful for him every day. Thank you.”
– I am a Colombian girl of 13 years old my passions are dancing, reading, Feeling and looking great 100%
all the time, Exercising & eating Healthy, having fun and traveling. I spend most of my free time watching
shows, exercising, dancing, talking with friends reading but what I like the most its spending time with
my family.
I came from Colombia 3 years ago, I knew it was going to be really hard for me because I did not speak
English and I did not know anyone, then I started 4th grade at Palm Lake elementary school. I had so
many friends everyone was so nice, the teachers were the best and I started doing the news every single
morning that’s what helped me the most with my English, I learned English in one year!! then 2 years
later my mom got pregnant, first I was very upset but then I started liking the baby right not I love her
she is one the best things that happened to my family.
Now we moved to a bigger house in Windermere, FL. and I started middle school in Bridgewater, most
of my friend are Hispanic. Middle school has been a little hard for me everything is different now you are
on your own.


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