Mireya Gallo

Ms. Mundo Latina USA 2017

Country: Peru

Age: 40


Mireya Gallo-Pineiro is currently the 2017 Ms. Mundo Latina USA. She was born in Lima Peru on September 13, 1975. At the age of 17 years old she moved to Spain where she study marketing. Mireya moved to the USA at the age of 22 years old to continue her studies in English. Mother of two beautiful children Melanie and Yozel who are the motor and motivation of her life. At this moment she lives in Miami where she develops her career in Real Estate sales. Mireya finds personal strength in the words of wisdom provided to her by her mother, It is through the power and lesson of these words that Mireya was able to overcome adversity in her life. She reflects a variety of qualities that include goal minded, generosity and thoughtfulness like her father. She is also a well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm. She helps and encourages others to fighting for what they desire and believe in. God is the answer because nothing great becomes a blessing without God. Mireya’s passion is to travel, get to know different people, cultures and the treasures of each countries gastronomic experience. Her past times also include spending quality time with her children, family and friends.

In Her Own Words:

“Dream it, Believe it, Be yourself and achieved with passion"

Fun Facts:

  1. Her passion is to travel
  2. She loves spending quality time with her children

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