New Miss Mundo Latina USA Crown!

MML USA new crown 2017


Contestants from around the world will compete in Miss Mundo Latina USA on August 13th, 2016 but only six (6) of them will get the chance to wear the stunning Miss Mundo Latina USA crown. According to MissMundoLatina’s website, the Crystal Diamonds Corporate, one of the Miss Mundo Latina’s sponsors, created a new crown for the 11th annual Miss Mundo Latina USA Pageant. The Miss Mundo Latina USA crown is an eye-catching combination of blue and white gemstones that evokes the sense of royalty. The light blue stones are turquoise, the dark blue stones are sapphires and the white stones are cubic zirconia and crystals on a gold base. Took over 1,000 hours to make and is estimated to cost about $15,000. The pageant professes that the crown symbolizes “the world, beauty, and confidence of women around the world.”







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