Khloe Martinez

Baby Miss Mundo Latina USA 2017

Country: Nicaragua

Age: 6


Khloe Martinez is a 6 year old little girl with big dreams. When she was only 5 years old she won the title of Tiny Miss Miami VIP 2015. She is a kindergartner at Downtown Miami Charter School were she is acknowledged as an honor roll student. At her young age, Khloe has had the opportunity to model for designers like Henry Mezza, Maritza Guevara and Princess Keith. She is a proud student of Imagen Modeling by La Gatita, the modeling academy that has taught her everything she currently knows about modeling, public speaking, etc. Khloe will proudly be representing her roots as the next Miss Mundo Latina Baby Nicaragua. Like every little girl she dreams of obtaining the crown and is being prepared by her academy to give her best performance yet. When she is not competing in pageants, modeling or studying, Khloe loves to put on makeup, dance and shop with her Mom.

In Her Own Words:

“I want to be the next Baby Mundo Latina USA"

Fun Facts:

  1. Happy
  2. Loveable
  3. Smart


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