Valery Ebner

Pre-Teen Mundo Latina USA 2016




Since I was little I would always enjoy dancing, acting and modeling. I’m the current titleholder of the Pre-Teen Miss Mundo Latina USA 2016 title. It’s always been my dream to become an actress and earn money to help people in need, because in that way I’m not only living my dream of being and actress I’m also helping people which I love doing. I’m also in my school Orchestra playing the violin. I love everything that has to do with music and culture.

In Her Own Words:

"Never tell yourself that you can’t do it. Never let others influence you that you can’t do it because you can. With hard work, dedication, and determination you will get where you want to be"

Fun Facts:

  1. I love taking artistic pictures in the outdoors.
  2. I have a dog named Princess and I love her to death.
  3. I hate being bored, I always need to get up and do something!

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