Ryaquel is a Pop Singer, Songwriter, Model and Dancer, born and raised in her early years in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ryaquel spent her adolescent through teen years growing up in the United States with a Puerto Rican step-father who influenced her heavily in both American and Latin cultures. She performs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Close to her heart are environmental justice and preservation. Through her new and inspiring brand, Native Brazilian, Ryaquel is actively devoted to spreading Eco Greenpeace Awareness, defending the rights of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, protecting the forest’s biodiversity, and advocating for the preservation of all of nature’s beauty and gifts to mankind.

In Her Own Words:

"Obtain sight of what you are behind, every cloud there is a star reach stellar aim, far" Ryaquel

Fun Facts:

  1. I love Salsa
  2. I love Zumba
  3. Enjoy traveling

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