I am 14 years old. I will be a freshman in high school in August. I like to smile, make friends and have fun. I have been performing since 7 years old and have participated in over 46 live performances including chorus recitals, convention, competitions, dances, musicals and voice recitals. I have been in 5 commercials, extra cast in 2 feature films (Dolphin tale 2 and turtle tale 2015), and a guest cast in a TV show-the outsiders club. I really enjoy what I do; I love the entertainment industry and anything that has to do with acting, dancing and performing arts.

In Her Own Words:

"Have a pet dog called princess. She is the best dog ever!When I am an adult I would like to have a job helping people"

Fun Facts:

  1. I like to watch TV
  2. I like to sleep a lot
  3. I enjoy traveling

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