Though born in Colombia, Martha spent her childhood in New York before she and her family moved to the Tampa Bay area. Growing up in a tight Latin family taught her core values of integrity and passion for what you do in life. Those values and her upbeat personality are evident in every client interaction, whether they are buying or selling a home. She got her first taste for real estate when she bought her first condo at the tender age of 19 years old. Once she closed on the condo, she began interning with the realtor who sold her the property to learn more about the real estate market. From there she gained more knowledge through her work at Coldwell Banker before opening a firm, V & V Real Estate, with a partner. Martha and her partner changed their business model during the recession to focus on property management, creating The Elite Investor Program. The program targeted northern and international clients who would buy low income homes and hand the details of the deal over to V & V Real Estate. They would handle everything from financing to the property management. She also oversaw a large staff of employees and agents as a broker manager. Eleven years later, Martha is an expert in the real estate field with experience in negotiating contracts, rental services, international sales, and more. Martha recently transitioned back to residential real estate and runs her own company now. She believes that experience is not the only key to a successful closing. It’s also necessary that a realtor cares about the little things like whether a building accepts animals or not. Many animal lovers move to Tampa so a great realtor needs to know what buildings do or do not accept animals and what the weight restrictions may be on buildings that do accept them. As a dog lover herself, Martha knows that finding the right home for you includes finding the right one for your pets.

In Her Own Words:

"I view life as one in which you are given challenges and risks and only if you take them can you fulfill your destiny to the fullest. I love culture. I love people and I love my family first and foremost. My dog Louis is my life and a faithful companion. Life without love is no life… All vision is moved and created in a positive light from the basis of love"

Fun Facts:

  1. I love to entertain
  2. I love fashion
  3. I have a sense of humor I can be Ms. Congeniality and laugh at myself

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