I am Lina, I was born in Colombia , in my life I have been traveling around Colombia , I have been in seven cities and 8 different schools. My family consists of my father, my mother and my brother. I love to travel and I already visited about 12 countries. Another thing that I love are languages, of which I know three: Spanish, English and French. I currently live in the city of Miami and I study international relations.

In Her Own Words:

"In my life I have learned that we must continue what we like and achieve our goals, so three years ago I decided to start in the modeling and beauty contests worldwide, it's something I like and that my family supports, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in Miss Mundo Latina USA 2016 and to be able to have a beautiful experience"

Fun Facts:

  1. one of my funniest moments was traveling to Vancouver, Canada.
  2. Secondly, it was to have traveled to the Dominican Republic to represent Colombia in a beauty contest
  3. Third, another fun thing was to win my first medal in swimming

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