My parents emigrated to the US from the Dominican Republic. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. I have two wonderful children, Hennessy age 17, and Skyy age 10. Our family moved to the Orlando area ten years ago. As a fitness instructor, I am very passionate on healthy eating as a major contributor to overall wellness. My Facebook page focuses on all aspects of maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle. In my work career, I have developed skills in interior design, drafting, accounting and management. This background, coupled with my demonstrated excellent people skills, will enable me to meet my overall life’s goal of owning a fitness center that includes an emphasis on healthy eating. I started my modeling career in my teens. I have recently resumed work in modeling. At 37, a proud Mom and fitness guru, I want to become a role model for other women who are working so hard to improved their fitness and health. My motto on Facebook reads: “If we do something great long enough, it becomes a habit. Good looks fade but a great heart keeps you beautiful forever!” In conclusion, my fitness instructional activities have already changed many person’s lives for the better – winning this contest will enable me to impact several thousand persons who have yet to see the benefits of healthy living and exercise!

In Her Own Words:

“Age does not define the knowledge we possess! It’s the experiences we go through in life that determines our knowledge, and what we choose to do with it!”

Fun Facts:

  1. • I am a certified Zumba and yoga Instructor
  2. • With almost 700 followers on Facebook, I am kept busy answering requests for recipes, etc!
  3. • I also work as an interior decorator

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