Gisabel Sariol

Mrs. Mundo Latina USA 2016

Dominican Republic

37 years old


I’m a divorced mother of an intelligent and amazing girl who has been raised with love with the help of her wonderful dad and my wonderful family. Some would say that I’m fiercely independent with very strong opinions. I would say that although independent, I like to have my hand held sometimes. I made a great career selling real estate for developers. My true passion though, are people, healing social issues, topics on violence against women and healing others. An eternal student of life with a deep curiosity of where we come from and why we are here. My heart tells me that there is a higher power guiding all of us. Like the higher power that’s guiding me now and the one that guided me the tragic day that I didn’t show up for my hair appointment. The day that an abusive man decided to go in a salon and shoot his ex, killing three including my hairstylist and friend of 12 years and the lady that took my appointment. I’ve seen heartbreak, I’ve seen struggle and tragedy but somehow managed to rise up with a more open heart and with more love to share. Like Maya Angelou said, “I am grateful to have been loved, to be loved now and to be able to love because LOVE liberates”. I became a grief recovery specialist in the hopes of helping anyone that has gone and is going through any of the forty types of grieves that we can experience in our lifetimes. Hoping that this journey takes me to higher grounds where I can spread love. Thank you all who have been supporting me! Please keep supporting me in becoming the next Mrs Mundo Latina! Love you!!!

In Her Own Words:

"I am grateful to have been loved, to be loved now and to be able to love because love liberates"

Fun Facts:

  1. Break into songs constantly
  2. I eat like a man, I swear!
  3. I walked the Queensboro Bridge during the NY Blackout in 2003 with friend and actor Frank Perozo.

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