Estia is a Latina Artist that was born in Coney Island, Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx. She was a foster child and later on adopted. She didn’t let her humble beginnings hinder her but rather drive her to pursue her dreams of music. From a young age Estia new that she wanted to make a difference as a music artist and encourage other people to believe in their dreams. She is what the industry calls a “triple threat”: Actress, Dancer, and Singer. She even taught dance lessons at the renowned Fred Astaire dance studio and has been featured in films such as The Dictator and Pam Am. Estia was a backup Singer for a Grammy nominee artist this giving her the opportunity to perform on prominent events such as the Puerto Rican Festival and also allowing her to Perform at the Cuban Parade. Estia is now a solo recording artist working on two singles, “All I need is Love” and Temptress. Her sound is high energy electric dance music. Not only has Estia achieved her dreams in the entertainment world, but as an adopted child she sought out her real mother who welcomed her with open arms. Truly grateful to meet her siblings, cousins, and mother she now has their unconditional support and love. Estia is a Latina Artist that has realized the American dream of hope, love, and success and that is what she wants for all of her fans.

In Her Own Words:

"No matter what obstacle you may face in this world nothing can stop you from making your dreams come true. I want to inspire, motivate and be a role model for all young ladies trying to make their dreams come true"

Fun Facts:

  1. I love to sing and do music, to dance and Act
  2. I love to travel
  3. I love to motivate others
  4. I love to exercise


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