Hometown: Cuba

Height: 5'7'

Age: 20


Currently I am studying Business Management combined with a major in Marketing. My family is small but really close. I have a young sibling, his name is Felipe and we live together with our parents. My daily activities include studying, going to modeling classes, going out with my friends and family and going to the beach. I spend my time working out at the gym as well. Because of my fashion sense and the love I have for dressing well and giving the best appearance wherever I go I considered myself as a shopaholic. Dancing has become my other passion, which it has become the base of who I am today.

In Her Own Words:

“Sometimes complain of life been difficult. That’s true, life is difficult, but hard times can be considered as life experiences which we learn from”

Fun Facts:

  1. I have a unique phase for everything.
  2. When I have fear I start crying and laughing at the same time.
  3. I talk a lot, can’t be in silence for a long period of time.


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