Height: 5' 7''

Age: 17


I was born on July 29, 1996 in San Juan Puerto Rico. I currently live in Cayey, a beautiful and nice climate city in the center of the island, known as “The best city of the Americas”. I studied in a catholic school named “Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Merced” in Cayey. I studied there since I was in pre kinder until last year that I moved to a homeschooling program with “The Keystone National High School”.

My favorite place is the ocean and Puerto Rico has the most beautiful beaches in the whole world with great waves. I am a long-boarder surfer and nothing can be compared to the connection that I feel with the nature every time that I get into the waves. I also practice ballet, acting and love to exercise myself. My passion is modeling, I started when I was 4 years old in a local academy, and then I took classes in other academies around the island. I had the opportunity to participate in some beauty and modeling competitions, nationals and internationals. I already finished my high school, now I am getting ready to move to New York and keep studying a fashion and commercial design career with a concentration in marketing. And later came back to my beautiful island which is one of the best places to live. It is like living in paradise!


In Her Own Words:

“These are my 3 rules for success: Do the things right from the beginning to the end because the world is smaller than a drop of water” and everything had consequences that you have to deal with. So you have to be sure that every single decision that you take is going to make the difference.
“Every morning take a bath in oil” because some people are full of envy and you can’t let their negative vibes take your goals out of your mind. Every time that you are achieving your goals they are trying to make you fall. When you have a dream turn it into a goal and work for it. Never give up, the perseverance is one of the most admirable attributes that a person can have. The success doesn’t come without effort”

Fun Facts:

  1. I have phobia to the horses.
  2. I can fold my fingers in weird shapes.
  3. I can pinch with my big toe.


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