Hometown: Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Height: 5' 2'

Age: 33


I’m 33 years old born in Bayamon Puerto Rico moved to Orlando Fl in 1992. I’ve worked in the banking industry for 13 years and am an Assistant Branch Manager for one of the financial institution. I’m a single mom with 3 beautiful kids ages 16 (Varsity Football player), 10 (Minds of his own) and 7 (Beautiful Cheerleader). I love to dance and workout so I spend most of my free time doing these hobbies.

In Her Own Words:

“It was my dream to be in a pageant my whole life and I’m very thankful to have this amazing opportunity with Ms Mundo Latina. I’m looking forward to meet all the candidates and also very excited for this new adventure in my life.”

Fun Facts:

  1. Love to analyze lyrics from top 40 songs and relate them to today’s world.
  2. I am a fashionista! I love finding unique items which tie my outfits together and make them memorable.
  3. I’m adventurous! Love any journey life brings.


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