Hometown: Habana, Cuba (Miami)

Height: 5'3'

Age: 15


My name is Catherine Diane and I am a very outgoing person, I love to meet new people and make friends. I am also a very hyperactive person I always have so much energy and you never see me sad. I am a dancer and model, I dance at Infinity Dance Studio and I know how to dance Hip Hop, Lyrical, Belly Dance, Ballet , and pointe and I model at Barons DeParre model agency.

In Her Own Words:

"Every time I have my mind set on something I don’t give up to I achieve what I want. I always make friends in all the pageants I go and I support every girl no matter what. Everyone is my friend no matter what there’s no need to be enemies with anyone in life."

Fun Facts:

  1. I love making people Laugh.
  2. I love working with kids.
  3. My natural hair is really curly and it makes me sometimes look like Mufasa from the Lion King. :)


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